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Cruises are a lot more affordable than you would imagine.

Cruises come in all shapes and forms.

Cruises happen in every corner of the globe.

Cruises provide an option for every taste.

There are even cruises for people who don’t think cruising is for them … go figure!

Our minds automatically jump to the floating cities of Princess, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Encore and Holland America to mention but a few. These palaces ensure your every wish and whim are answered in the most prestigious surroundings. You stop here and there along the way, at various Caribbean Islands to explore the markets or swim in the lagoons before re-boarding to be immersed yet again in five star cuisine, luxurious accoutrements and impeccable service.  Ahhh…. Life is good!

One of the many staircases and balconies aboard the Star Clipper.

There is simply no more effective way to completely chill, shed your stress and landlubberish concerns, consume like royalty, play ‘til you drop, sleep like a baby and forget all your cares in the process. (That has to be worth a pound or two!) And you needn’t stick to the Caribbean with your itineraries either. All the large cruise lines offer options from every continent … or all continents if you have the resources. How about departing in January from Florida and heading to Venice … and then the South Pacific … on to Australia … stop in Japan … marvel at China … explore India … be awed by Egypt … left breathless in Dubai … and gobsmacked by Great Britain.  The options are endless, but this 107 day world cruise from Princess is worth dreaming about. There goes that yucky Canadian winter!

River cruises offer you an alternative view of some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

Most of us don’t have the freedom to indulge to that degree, but the possibilities are boundless for the rest of us too. Whether you prefer a more sedate, tux-ish, elegant shipboard experience, a fun filled, laugh ‘til it hurts, Disney adventure with the kids, or the ever popular and awe-inspiring Alaska and Yukon adventures; it’s all available.

However, what seems to be intriguing our devoted cruisers these days are the River Cruises. Viking, Avalon, AMA Waterways and several others, offer itineraries from everywhere and to everywhere. You can meander up the Yangtze, the Rhine or the Danube or venture up the Volga to see the Imperial treasures of Russia.  On the dark continent, you can start in Senegal and make your way down to Capetown like some intrepid explorer of yesteryear.

There is nowhere you can imagine that we can’t find a ship to take you. Here, a small boat navigates its’ way through a multitude of smaller islands in the caribean.

There are all kinds of choices in South America as well whether it’s Panama, the Galapagos or somewhere in the middle that appeals to you. Small boats (as few as 8-16 people) exploring the pristine islands of the Galapagos, or icebreakers traversing Antarctica or the Arctic. One that I find  particularly irresistible is the Royal Clipper line which has the largest full rigged sailing ships in the world. They are tall ships with all the amenities of the giant liners and the intimacy and romance of a sailboat. Does it get any better than that?

So whichever direction your sea bound fantasies take, we can find you an option that will make them come to life. There is something thrillingly hands-on about being on a smaller ship with an ever changing vista from your stateroom or balcony’s panoramic windows. If you have cruised … you have not cruised until you have experienced it from a rivers-eye-view.

Come in and pick up the brochures. You will be amazed.Booking far ahead gives you great discounts with all the cruise companies (and the time to plan and budget). Grab the brochures and see what tickles your fancy, stake your claim to the vacation of a lifetime and let us help you realize it.

It’s easier than you think.

Cruising can take you places you never even dreamed of…

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