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mickey-goofy_webMy name is Krista LaFraugh. As the co-op student here at Marigold Travel, I have been able to voice my opinions from a kid’s perspective about Disney Cruise Lines. I first traveled on a Disney Cruise when I was about 9. Before this experience I had wanted to be an animator for Disney but that quickly changed. The first thing I said when I was greeted onto the Disney Magic was “This is where I want to work.” I went on this ship again when I was 11 and it did affect my dream of working on the cruise ship. I went from thinking I wanted to work on the Disney Cruise to knowing I had to work on a Disney Cruise.

The ship is extremely family oriented, and you can definitely feel the positive energy of this ship as soon as you step on. I went on the Disney Magic which is the oldest of all the Disney ships, but trust me it will never fail to impress you. The decor and set up of the ship is absolutely incredible. There are bright and fantastic chandeliers, glass elevators, movie themed rooms, themed pools, magical colour changing restaurants and so many more beautiful things to see.

Mickey_webThe ship does have its adult and teen areas. But at the age I went at I was just between child and pre-teen, since my brother was child they allowed me to go down in age groups and stay with him. The staff was very reasonable and helpful. As for the actual kid area, Oceaneer Lab is a great place for kids. It has many games to play, different activities, and the staff is so much fun to be around. They are so full of energy and make sure there’s never a dull moment. Kids aren’t always at the Oceaneer lab though; they can go on deck adventures, to the sport deck, or different places on the boat. Kids were under supervision no matter where they went. Parents have the option to allow the kids to leave without parent supervision or leave with parent’s supervision.












At the time my mom was given a pager that would notify her when my brother and I wanted to leave.  Now they have upgraded that and it is no longer a pager, but it was a very good system. We would spend majority of our time in the kid places, they were like bringing Disney movies to life in rooms that were designed to make you feel like you’re in a magic place.












As for the actual decks, they were incredible. We found ourselves often finding seats on the very top deck just to see the beautiful view. There are three pools open to the public, one being the adult only pool which I obviously never experienced, but it looked nice. I spent most of my time at the Goofy Pool, now the goofy pool has a ‘dive in theater’, which it just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. I loved spending time in the pool or the hot tub and being able to watch my favourite Disney movies. The deck also has a Mickey pool which is made for toddlers or younger kids and actually has a water slide. Even though it was made for the younger kids, we often ventured over there for the water slide. self-serve-station_web

There is also the sports deck, you could play soccer, volleyball, basketball, even exercise with goofy, and it made being active fun. There is little fast food like places on the top decks, now when my brother and I found out it was free… I’m pretty sure we ate our share of food and more. Me being an ice cream lover, the ice cream bar was like a dream come true. There was also Pluto’s Dog House, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, and Goofy’s Galley, they all offered different delicious quick service foods; which was great for a day of running around the ship.  There is also a smaller arcade, nothing huge but it was still fun and we spent hours in there.

towels_webThe first time we went on the ship we got a smaller room with no window, but it was still very nice. There was one bed and pull out coach.  It wasn’t very big, but we were perfectly content with that, we don’t spend much time in the room anyways and even when we did it was still perfect for us. The second time we went they actually upgraded our room to a room with a bunk bed and an ocean view. It was very nice, considering this time we had one extra person and the space was perfect for four of us. They were very clean rooms, extremely comfy beds and my absolute favourite part about our room was our housekeeper. Not only did he make us cool towel origami every day but he also put chocolate with it. We had the same house keeper every time, he knew our names, he was extremely friendly and it made you feel very welcomed.













As for the dining, it was no less impressive. We were seated with some of the nicest people on our first cruise and made very good friends with them, which was a nice touch. Meeting up with the same people every night talking about your fantastic day really added something to our dinner. The second time we went we were not seated with other people, which wasn’t a problem because my family isn’t exactly the quite type so we always had good conversation. You have two waiters that come with you restaurant to restaurant every night and they are the most energetic and happy people you will ever meet. You learn about where they are from and they also show us some cool little table tricks. It keeps the night interesting and fun, and I still to this day can remember the name of my waiters and where they were from. Every night you were at a different restaurant, Lumiere’s, Parrot Cay and my personal favourite Animators Palate. Each restaurant is like walking into a luxurious movie. It’s beautifully laid out and definitely has the magic of Disney written all over it. Animators Palate is actually black and white when you walk in, even the waiters outfits and as the night goes on everything changes into bright and fantastic colours from the waiters clothing to the walls, even the paintings.














All the destinations are beautiful, the boat ports at the best places. My cruise travelled to Grand Cayman Island, Costa Maya Mexico, Cozumel Mexico, and of course Castaway Cay. All the ports were fun, colourful and interesting. My absolute favourite was Castaway Cay, Disney’s secret island. The island in the Bahamas is owned by Disney and is just one incredible adventure. You can do anything there from petting stingrays to snorkeling to see a sunken Mickey ship. The snorkeling was my absolute favourite, we went on a budget so excursions weren’t really an option but snorkeling was cheap and so entertaining. You could rent all the gear you needed and saw some of the most amazing things under the water. They even have the ships used in Pirates of the Caribbean there. 

There are so many things to do, and I have only mentioned very few. In my opinion Disney Cruise is something everyone should experience at least once in their life time, and guaranteed you will have the time of your life. This is a vacation that will stay with you forever.

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